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Dutch-X is a delivery solutions platform and W-2 workforce provider. We partner with online grocery and retail giants as well as large local businesses, with a focus on implementing new technologies to support the modern day delivery workforce.

Delivery & workforce solutions

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Food sector

We are

We are implementing ongoing gaming technology to train our Delivery Associates on professionalism, safety and efficient delivery techniques.

Our Delivery Associates will receive real-time performance ratings to allow them to continuously grow and provide superior service to our clients and your customers.

Why we're


Data collection and analysis

We use advanced, fully transparent, logistics tech to provide you with the right data to monitor, assess, and optimize your delivery operations with ease.


Maintain your
brand reputation

We have the most qualified candidates to deliver your packages in top condition, where and when you want them. Our proven on-time delivery rate speaks for itself.


Competitive cost-per-delivery

Our technology allows us to track our Delivery Associates more efficiently so we can offer more deliveries at a competitive rate.


W-2 employees

While most Delivery Service Providers work with 1099s, Dutch-X hires W-2 employees only. This translates to more accountability, reliability and higher performance standards.


Trained to perform

We are implementing ongoing gamification
technology to train our employees so we can ensure top performance for our clients.



We always keep the environment in mind when it comes to how we deliver your packages. For short destinations, we send our Delivery Associates on-foot. We also use E-Bikes to keep our carbon emissions to a minimum.


A note on COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented unique challenges for every business. This is especially true in the delivery industry because individuals are in the field every day interacting with the public. We are proud of our front-line employees and their commitment to continue providing professional service to our clients.

Our employees are trained in all safety practices to minimize exposure to COVID-19. We provide them with all necessary PPE (personal protection equipment) including masks, gloves and other equipment so they can perform their jobs in the safest way possible. They practice social distancing while at the facilities to which they are assigned as well as when making deliveries. We support contactless deliveries and have developed measures to monitor job completion while maintaining contactless delivery.

Most of our workforce is fully vaccinated and Dutch-X continues to encourage vaccination for all staff members.